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1. style of artistic execution

2. an individual or special taste

3. enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest

4. flavor

Gusto is a media production agency that creates engaging videos that are as impactful as they are beautiful. Inspired by the cross-cultural latin root word "gusto" with meanings across four languages, we bring out the unique flavor of every project we take part in, always ensuring the intention and power of each story is front and center. 


We understand that great production is a team sport and pride ourselves on bringing together a creative group with a perfect blend of artistic sensibility and technical prowess to successfully take projects from concept to completion. 


 And we do it with gusto

About Us

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“I’ve been fortunate to have partnered with many talented artists in my career but working with John and his team at Gusto as he directed and produced videos for Lutron Residential is among my favorite collaborations. John Prioritizes a client’s needs while creating a tapestry of visuals, sound, and graphics that evoke a brand’s beauty and essence.”

                                       David Speranza, Art Director, Lutron Electronics


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